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We work with you to
custom-create your special event

It’s hard to think of a better event venue than one of our luxurious superyachts in the Mediterranean!
Designed to maximize space and comfort, their stylish interiors, generous exteriors, and onboard facilities provide the perfect platform for speakers, conferences, celebrations, retreats, and much more. Replace the tiresome hotel or resort with a luxury superyacht and give your friends, colleagues, and associates the most incredible event of their lives!

Smooth sailing from beginning to end

  • We work with you to custom-create your special event
  • We help you with event planning, promotion and anything else you may need
  • Our local connections and knowledge offer truly authentic and unique experiences
  • We capture all the magical moments with professional photos and videos

Why you should host your next event on a superyacht

  • Affordable luxury (from €3000 per person)
  • Host up to 38 guests with 12 professional staff, ensuring every last detail is perfect
  • A secure and private space entirely reserved for you and your guests
  • Access remote islands, private bays, towns and villages
  • Helps promote a carefree attitude that brings out the best in everyone!

The perfect platform for any special event

  • Professional and personal development
  • Team building and development
  • Clients and employees feel valued and truly rewarded
  • Create life-long friendships and connections
  • Grow your professional network
  • Exceptional onboard learning and conference facilities
  • Ability to focus, away from distractions